For all of us, this generation and the next, there is simply no place in our lives for litter. And yet, it’s everywhere we look, and unfortunately, it does belong to all of us. So, let’s come together, and create a litter-free, clean California once and for all. Let’s do it. Together.

Picture your favorite spot in California. Now, imagine just one piece of litter ruining that picture. Together, let’s change that.

Join us for Clean California Community Days from April 19 – 22, 2024, a volunteer service event and celebration to clean up and transform our communities. Zero litter is the goal.

Clean California Community Days, April 19 – 22, 2024.

Join us for a volunteer service event and celebration sponsored by the Governor’s Office, Caltrans, and our partners across California with cleanup events, dump days, and tree planting.

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Five adults picking up litter in a nature park setting.

A transformative initiative to remove litter, create jobs and beautify California

Trash has plagued California’s streets and highways for decades. Clean California makes significant investments in litter collection, community engagement, and education to ultimately transform unsightly roadsides into spaces of pride for all Californians.

This is truly a statewide effort with projects awarded throughout California and nearly a third of the funds going directly to cities, counties, tribes, and transit agencies to clean local streets and public spaces.

Young boy wearing rubber gloves and holding a trash bag while picking up a soda can in a residential neighborhood

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Find cleanup events in your area, check details, locations, and sign up to join the Clean California movement.

Community Designation Program

Nominate your local community here! Learn what it takes to be designated and how your community can benefit.

An image featuring vibrant colored stationeries arranged creatively, with lively and playful lettering spelling out the word 'Education'.

Clean California Education (K-12)

Clean California isn’t just about cleanups. Let’s educate the next generation about the benefits of a litter-free state!

Litter Collected

Start of program to date*:

cubic yards

*Clean California and Caltrans combined collection.

Testimony 1 - Jim

Caltrans takes such good care of our mountain roads (especially after snow storms and rock slides) that I consider it a 'privilege' to work alongside to keep our roads litter-free

Jim L.

Testimony 2 - Kyle

Because of Back 2 Work, I now have the best job in the world... My life has done a complete 180.

Kyle W.

Testimony 3 - Anon

Great program, and great way to contribute to our community.

Anonymous responder

Testimony 4 - Anon

We love Adopt-A-Highway! It's tough work that is so gratifying! Thank you! Our local Caltrans coworkers supporting the program are fantastic.

Anonymous responder

Testimony 5 - Rudy

We are so blessed. I never would have gotten any of these things in life without the help of these programs.


District 6, Fresno

Testimony 6 - Fresno

Here in Fresno, we’ve seen a sense of pride return to our city with thousands of people coming together to improve Fresno’s curb appeal, block by block. Last year’s CleanUP Day was a resounding success with nearly 14,000 pounds of trash removed. I’m grateful to our volunteers who sacrifice their time, rain or shine, to make Fresno a more beautiful place for all, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year.

Jerry Dyer

Fresno Mayor

Testimony 7 - San Diego

For the past 69 years, I Love a Clean San Diego has inspired/engaged millions of volunteers to keep the County clean and beautiful through community cleanups, education initiatives, and connecting residents and businesses with recycling, waste, and reuse resources. We’re excited to contribute to the Clean California campaign and are encouraged by the progress made statewide to eliminate litter in the state and ensure that every Californian lives in a clean community.

Lance Mann

Volunteer Programs Coordinator, I Love A Clean San Diego

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